About Us

About Us - EXPERT.am

We are not just the next job announcement board for the Armenian labor market - the time of such boards has gone. We are helping job seekers, those that currently work or study, those that have already done the important steps to their life goals, to get clearer vision of opportunities, profess their skills and enrich their knowledge, set new and higher goals and get inspired to reach new heights.

Work - Learn - Grow: this is our formula for success for our followers. 

Our website will aggregate all the job postings available in the Armenian job market, the trainings that will be related with job requirements for certain jobs and resources that will relate both with jobs and trainings.

We have a team of strong professionals from the domain of Human Resources management, who are skillful and knowledgeable to give great recommendations and consult in any HR related issue.

We are based in Yerevan, Armenia, but we cover the entire Armenia.

We are very excited with this project, and are looking forward to seeing you and your friends and relatives following us and getting the most of this useful resource.