Video Job Ad Promo

Video Job Ad promo

The job is not only the text announcement with traditional job description and job requirements. Job is also the environment, conveniences, atmosphere and the people with whom you are supposed to work.

We are offering an innovating, attention grabbing and a more acceptable way of job announcement presentation: the VIDEO JOB AD!

The main purpose of promoting the job ad in a video mode is presenting the work environment, benefits and advantages, the people that are in charge or your future colleagues together with other job requisites.

Besides, the reading ratio of the entire text of the a job announcement is traditionally very low, and a short video job ad proves to be more informative and much more understandable.

The Plot

The HR manager presents the working environment, the office space, conveniences like the rest zone, cafeteria, and benefits for the prospective employee. He/She also briefs on the mission, values and goals of the organization, talks about various incentive programs, annual team building events and celebrations, and other things that make the organization unique in the marketplace.

The head of the department presents the main job responsibilities, perspectives for growth.

One of the colleagues presents required qualifications to successfully implement the tasks, also talks about team work, etc.

The video job ad lasts up to 2 minutes. It is places in the Youtube channel of, in the website like other job announcements and is distributed through all the social media channels.

The advantages:

  • Presentation and advertisement of the organization
  • Presentation of the advantages to work in the organization
  • Showing the people that work in the organization
  • A bigger audience for the announcement
  • A more understandable format for job announcement
  • Advantage over the competition

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