Armenian Branch of Your IT Company

Armenian Branch of IT company

A total exodus has started in Russia: hundreds of IT companies are leaving Russia in rush towards Armenia, Georgia, etc. Many companies, mostly from the USA, Europe, or of Russian origin, operating in Russia, due to the growing sanctions because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, are facing tremendous problems with money flow from abroad, which is making it impossible for those companies to grow or even survive.  

Armenia's favorable legal framework, developed banking system, a dynamic pool of highly qualified IT specialists of all levels, as well as the amicable attitude of the Armenian people towards the Russians, make it a haven for the Russian based IT companies to move their staff and operations to Armenia. Thousands of IT companies have been established in Armenia since the start of the war.

Considering the strong potential of Armenia for the dislocating IT companies, We are here to offer our services to establish an Armenian branch for your IT company, through a mutually profitable partnership. Here is our offer:

  • Registering a limited liability company in Yerevan or elsewhere in Armenia
  • Find an office space for rent 
  • Source all the equipment needed for fast and timely launch of the office
  • Work with local suppliers, government, to obtain all the necessary licences and supplies
  • Find and recruit needed specialists
  • explore the market for business opportunities
  • Team formation, coding standards, QA culture implementation via different levels of testing by Devs & QA's
  • Proof of concept creation, iterative and agile mindset development, requirements analyses and enhancements
  • Other actions as be business need


We are experts in management and IT, know the market very well and have all the connections to launch a successful partnership and business.

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