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"Кадры решают все!"- И.В.Сталин, 1935

By attentively looking into the problem of finding and recruiting qualified specialists, especially in high-knowledge industries like IT, pharma, finance and banking, etc., in Armenia, has come up with an innovative way of finding the right people an organization needs at a short period of time and very affordably.

The problem was that recruiting the right people is becoming increasingly difficult for high-knowledge industries in Armenia, and also in the world. Modern work processes require more intense knowledge and experience, and those experts that continually grow and keep the pace with the modern requirements become fewer than ever. Even worse, those qualified specialists are not even exerting much efforts for finding new jobs: the employers are trying to hunt them in every corner. This brings forth very low engagement rates for job announcement boards that are plenty, and the organizations, being once not too stringent, used to post their announcements to all major job finding portals with the hope to enhance the reach. The study shows that the engagement rates for job announcements lowers in all disciplines, and the number of resumes received per job announcement is diminishing steadily.

These trends bring forth the urgency for adopting new ways of finding new employees. has developed an innovative approach to this problem by mobilizing all the resources in the industries to effectively find experts with the required skill-sets and motivation, creating an affordable hybrid of recruiting and headhunting. 

To help organizations that are struggling with the problems above, is inviting to cooperate. If the promised efficiency does not materialize, returns the money to the organization.

So this is a great initiative to solve the existing recruiting problems, and the cooperation between your organization and would be a major step toward the success.

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