Webb Fontaine

 Webb Fontaine Holding LLC
​​​Information Technologies and Developments
6 fl., 2/5 Armenakyan str

Webb Fontaine is the leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation powered by world-class technology including artificial intelligence. Building on our extensive experience, Webb Fontaine’s new-generation IT systems take trade and customs processes to the next level for the benefit of the global trading community.

Deployed in several countries worldwide, our solutions include single-window systems for trade, paperless customs systems, cargo tracking systems (including regional interconnection of customs systems), collaborative valuation and classification programmers, and more. Our research and development centers, the biggest in the trade area, are based in Europe and Asia.

Webb Fontaine Armenia has been operating since 2005. We have more than 120 talented people sharing the same values and mission in our team, we have being working with more than 20 Goverments and help them to simplify customs procedures.

 Vision and Mission

At Webb Fontaine, we believe in looking beyond barriers to shape tomorrow’s international trade.

Our mission is to leverage technology to challenge established practices and deliver innovative solutions for trade facilitation.

We build on our unique expertise in trade and customs to help governments, businesses and economic communities globally rethink and transform the way they conduct trade. We develop high-tech software and services to benefit all trade stakeholders and make their lives easier.

Our Values

Excellence, passion and innovation

Everything we do is guided by our quest for excellence. To us, excellence is not just a word. It’s a frame of mind. We provide best-in-class technology for all areas of international trade facilitation. And while we are proud of it, we are never satisfied: we are always looking to do more and better